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The school for high-functioning children with autism spectrum disorder

Upper and Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary

Children in lower elementary grades are given the opportunity to successfully complete a regular reading and math curriculum while continuing to refine language and social skills. Individual attention is given to each student with the goal of helping them meet academic potential while developing self-esteem and appropriate social behaviors. These classes have as many as eight students, and every teacher has an assistant. 


Upper Elementary

Upper elementary classes focus on providing an academic curriculum that challenges learners while also being sensitive to their unique needs. There is also a focus on teaching social skills, independence and effective communication strategies. One teacher and one full-time assistant per classroom teach all core subjects, and students attend art, music, science, drama and physical education classes with dedicated teachers.

Technology has been upgraded in the computer lab and in the classrooms with MimioTeach interactive whiteboards to enhance learning.

Special care has been taken to provide the students with typical school experiences. Students at this level have lunch in a small cafeteria-style setting. They bring lunches from home but may heat or prepare food as needed.