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The school for high-functioning children with autism spectrum disorder


We understand that making the decision to transition to another program is difficult and sometimes scary. However, rest assured that our faculty members and therapists will do everything they can to help your family make an informed decision about when and where to transition.

Some of our students go on to traditional programs after a short time, and many choose to stay with us all the way from early childhood development to middle school.

Frequently Asked Questions about Transitioning:

Q: If my child doesn't transition into a mainstream program within a few years, does this mean they aren't progressing?

A: Absolutely not. While our ultimate goal is to equip children to thrive in "the real world," many families choose to stay at Westview because it provides an optimal environment for learning and growing both socially and academically. Because they “fit” at Westview, many of the challenges our students would face in a regular classroom setting disappear. Anxiety, stress and depression levels drop, not only for the child, but for the entire family. Just because a student chooses to stay at Westview does not mean that they would be unsuccessful in a more traditional school setting.

Q: What happens when my child graduates from middle school at Westview?

A: Our teachers and therapists start the conversation about where your child will go to high school long before it is time to transition. Often, students transfer to private schools to maintain the small environment. Others succeed in public schools where they can play sports or join clubs with other students who share their interests. Some students continue on at more specialized high schools for students with social and/or learning needs. Whether you are thinking about transitioning to a traditional high school or another school for children with special needs, we will do all we can to help you make an informed decision that will be best for your entire family.

If you have additional questions, please contact Mimi Le - mle@westviewschool.org, or Michael McKee - mmckee@westviewschool.org.