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The school for high-functioning children with autism spectrum disorder

Group Therapy

The Stewart Center offers group and individual therapies and support sessions for members of the community.


LEGO Group

LEGO-based Therapy is a skill-building approach that focuses on social interaction and the development of age-appropriate peer relationships. By working together toward a task, such as building a specific Lego set, participants are able to experience collaboration, shared goals, joint accomplishment, social communication and mutual respect.

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Managing Anxiety for Children with ASD & Related Problems

Does your child have obsessive-compulsive tendencies, a difficult time separating from parents, have trouble sleeping alone and/or get stomach aches, headaches or digestive problems related to stress? If so, the Managing Anxiety group can help. Sessions will run for 6-8 weeks. There will be two mandatory parent meetings to help parents learn how to facilitate generalization of these skills to the home environment.

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Sibling Support Group

With the magnitude of demands placed on special needs families, siblings of children with autism spectrum disorder often feel overlooked and in need of emotional support. In the sibling support group, we will discuss each child’s needs and give them strategies to cope with their feelings.

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