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Each Pre-Kindergarten class generally has up to seven students with a teacher and teacher assistant. Students are grouped primarily by social skills, maturity level, academics and receptive/expressive language abilities. 

The curriculum for Pre-Kindergarten is aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  Harcourt Curriculum provides weekly thematic units of instruction which incorporates motor and communication skills while learning language art / reading skills, and mathematical concepts.  Beginning writing skills are taught using Hand Writing Without Tears curriculum.  The core curriculum is supplemented by other commercial resources, as well as teacher designed activities.  

Developmentally appropriate practices guide daily routines, delivery of instruction, creative playtime and social skills development.  Appropriate social skills and peer relationships are acquired through guided play and interactive group games and activities. Technology is used with interactive whiteboards in the classrooms. In addition to providing visual representations of the lesson, various programs such as Brain Pops, Go Noodle and Class Do-Jo provide sensory activities, motor skills activities and aid in classroom management.

The Pre-Kindergarten program provides a language and literacy rich environment which promotes the growth and development of each individual child.