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Student and Staff Support Specialist

Job Description

Student and Staff Support Specialist


As a Student and Staff Support Specialist at The Westview School, you will contribute to a positive educational environment by providing interventions to support the acquisition of pro-social behaviors. This key leadership position plays a significant role in supporting students, their families, and staff.

Major Job Responsibilities

- Assist students and staff in dealing with challenging behaviors by providing interventions and supports before, during, and after difficult behaviors occur.
- Develop behavior plans/accommodations/interventions. Consult and train teachers and staff to implement these plans for students.
- Consult with parents and families regarding educational, social, emotional, or behavioral concerns for children.
- Assist with referrals, as needed, for outside supports.
- Provide short-term direct consultation with students and staff, as needed.
- Assist families with the transition from Westview to public school or other school settings.
- Assist with parent/teacher conferences and/or parent/administration conferences.
- Collaborate with staff, families, service providers, and other stakeholders.
- Plan and present in-service, staff development, parent training, and community resources.
- Assist with other duties, activities, and administrative decisions as required by the Head of School.

Required Skills and Abilities

- Exhibit excellent written and verbal communication skills.
- Demonstrate effective organizational, scheduling, and planning skills.
- Produce accurate, up to date records, documentation, and provide written reports in a timely manner.
- Maintain confidentiality of student, staff, and family records and information.
- Possess high standards of personal and professional integrity for the role of Student and Staff Support Specialist.
- Promote positive morale between staff, students, and parents.

Minimal Educational/Background Requirements

- Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year education institution in the area of psychology, school psychology, counseling, social work, or other related field. Masters or Specialist degrees preferred.
- Minimum of one year of experience working with special student populations, specifically students with ASD. Must also have experience addressing and handling students who experience challenging behaviors.
- Experience in developing and implementing behavior plans for students with challenging behaviors.
- Licensed Specialists in School Psychology, School Psychologists, Behavior Specialists, Licensed Professional Counselors, or related professional positions preferred.

About The Westview School

The Westview School is the premier, private, non-profit school for children with autism spectrum disorder from ages 2 to 15 years in the greater Houston area. Westview’s challenging, well-rounded curriculum includes a full range of academic programs and a strong emphasis on social communication and social skills. In addition, we offer opportunities to pursue the arts, extra-curricular activities, and real-world experiences. The enhancement of self-esteem and the development of appropriate behavior allow our students to become successful members of the community.


The mission of The Westview School is to provide a unique, specialized learning environment offering outstanding educational and social opportunities for children on the autism spectrum.


The vision of The Westview School is to create options and opportunities for children with autism spectrum disorder.

Belief Statement

The Westview School believes that children with autism spectrum disorder can grow and learn through a nurturing, positive, and happy environment that enhances their self-esteem.

To apply, send resume and letter of interest electronically to Candi Pettit at