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The Westview School Health Updates and Information

The Westview School is currently at a LEVEL 1 status.


Westview will observe the following protocol:
Level 1  (Actively monitoring reported cases in Harris County or local area)
  • More frequently clean common areas including door hardware, water fountains, etc.
  • Communicate precautions to avoid spreading COVID-19
  • Communicate to staff and students to stay home if sick
Level 2  (Community Spread cases in Harris County)
  • Continue to monitor and communicate with Harris County Public Health Dept.
  • Increase cleaning efforts to expand to less frequently used areas in addition to common areas
  • Potentially limit large gatherings to only essential events or consider postponing events
  • Potentially limit outside visitors and guests
  • Communicate to families to keep sick children home
  • Communicate to staff to stay home if sick
  • Develop contingency plans for distance learning
Level 3  (Confirmed cases among students and/or staff)
  • Potentially cancel all school events
  • Potentially cancel all school-related travel
  • In consultation with Harris County Public Health Dept., potentially close school
  • Communicate to families the extent of closures, length, and school-work accommodations
  • In the event of school closure, communicate to staff which staff members are to report to duty to maintain services
  • Perform a deep clean of all areas