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The school for high-functioning children with autism spectrum disorder


Our alumni go on to do great things. Some of our students go on to traditional programs after a short time, and many are with us all the way from early childhood development to middle school.

We love to hear from our former students. Please email us and let us know where you are and what you've been up to.


What have our alumni been up to?


Cole Monroe

Cole Monroe, a former Westview School student (2009-2012), participated in the Fort Bend County Equestrian Special Olympics on April 11, 2015.

Cole participated in three events and won three medals:  
First place (Gold) in the Trail Course
Second Place (Silver) in the English Equitation
Third place (Bronze) in the Team Relay

Cole has been receiving equine therapy for four months, which helps with motor skills, self-confidence, social skills, body control, core strength and posture.

His goal is to compete in the State Equestrian Special Olympics event next year.

We extend our congratulations to Cole and his family - keep up the great work!




Dominic Carrigan


Westview alumnus Dominic Carrigan, now 11, attended Westview from 2006 to 2009. After completing pre-kindergarten, Dominic left Westview to attend first grade at Helms Elementary in the Heights. After successfully completing elementary school with all “As,” he is now attending Black Middle School.

Dominic’s teachers have recommended him for the National Junior Honor Society. Membership in NJHS distinguishes students who have committed themselves to the pursuit of academic excellence, community improvement, and personal development.

Dominic is an aspiring young artist and would like to attend The High School for Performing and Visual Arts. His mother, Pilar, works at Westview as a teacher assistant and credits much of Dominic’s success to the early intervention and education he received at The Westview School.







Marshall Jones

We had the opportunity to catch up with former student Marshall Jones at the annual fundraising luncheon on Feb. 25, 2015. 

Marshall attended Westview from 2009 to 2011. His mom, Lynn Clouser-Kelly, credits Westview with equiping her son with the skills to thrive at his current public school.

“I have teachers come up to me at school and say they wish Marshall was in their class!” said Lynn. “I thought they were joking, but they weren’t! They say Marshall is one of the most polite and well-mannered kids at school.”

Marshall is well known on campus for “Bow Tie Wednesday.” Every Wednesday, he gets dressed up and wears a bow tie to school. “It was his idea, not mine!” Lynn said. “It’s become quite the tradition.”

Lynn said that Westview has touched her family so much that she has vowed to donate a portion of the proceeds from her business, Once Upon a Praline, to give summer camp scholarships to students who are in need of financial assistance.