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The Middle School program is designed to provide students with a typical middle school experience. Similar to other middle schools, there is a different teacher for each content area. Each student follows a unique schedule and is assigned a locker. This requires students to become familiar with changing classrooms throughout the school day and to learn to take responsibility for managing their schedule, time, and materials. Classes include Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Social Skills, Life Fundamentals, Health, Drama, Music, Art, and PE.

The Middle School curriculum is aligned to facilitate progression from one level to the next. Special focus is placed on age-specific social skills, such as collaborative learning, conflict resolution, hygiene, peer pressure, and relationships.

Westview’s Middle School is a 1:1 technology program in which every student is issued a Chromebook. Students are supported both in core classes and in the technology lab in acquiring computer skills such as using word processing programs and the how-to of presenting work in a digital format. The focus is on using technology to encourage collaborative and cooperative learning. Additionally, Clevertouch Interactive Displays are installed in each classroom, and Middle School teachers use Google Classroom for both in-class assignments and homework.  

Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in school dances, after-school hang-outs, and Student Council as well.