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Step 1: Parent Phone Interview with Admissions Director

During an initial parent phone interview, Becky Travis, Admissions Director, will get background information about your child to determine if Westview might be the right fit at this time.

At the conclusion of the phone interview, Mrs. Travis will make a recommendation to continue with the admissions process or will discuss other program recommendations.

A tour of our campus can be scheduled at this time as well.

Step 2: Submit Application Materials

After completing a phone interview, you will receive an email that contains a list of materials needed to complete your child’s admissions file.

Once we receive all application materials, including the $100 application fee, your child’s admissions file will be reviewed.

Files are reviewed in the order of completion.

Step 3: Virtual Screening Interview

After the admissions file is reviewed by our Admissions team, we will schedule a virtual screening interview for your child. Virtual screening interviews are held via Zoom.

This screening interview is a short, informal virtual session with our Admissions team and your child that will help determine if your child is a candidate for a classroom visit.

If your child is not recommended to continue with the admissions process following the virtual screening interview, our Admissions team will provide recommendations for alternate programs that may be a more appropriate fit for your child at this time.

Step 4: Classroom Visit

Following a successful virtual screening interview and recommendation of the Admissions Committee, a classroom visit is scheduled.

**Please note that classroom visits are only done during the regular school year (until mid-May). For applications processed during the summer months, admissions decisions are typically made based on the virtual screening interview and review of application materials.**

Prospective students visit in one of our classrooms for one full day.

During the classroom visit, prospective students participate in all classroom activities scheduled for that day. Members of our Admissions Committee will observe in the classroom during the child’s classroom visit.

Step 5: Admissions Decision

The final step in our admissions process is a meeting of our Admissions Committee to make a determination of Westview’s ability to meet your child’s needs at this time.

If accepted, an enrollment contract will be issued. The contract and enrollment fee will be due to secure your child’s spot at Westview.

If your child is accepted but no spaces are available in the appropriate level/class, your child will be placed into a wait pool and parents will be notified when there is an appropriate vacancy.

If not accepted, our Admissions team will provide recommendations for alternate programs/settings that may be a more appropriate fit for your child at this time.

**Children are admitted to The Westview School on a six-week trial basis. Some children have academic, emotional, behavioral, or medical needs that cannot be met in our environment. In such a case, a family will be supported in finding alternate programs that are more capable of meeting their child’s needs.**