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After an initial parent interview, families are invited to tour the school and observe classrooms so they will be able to make an informed decision about whether The Westview School appears to be a fit for their children. A screening is then conducted to determine each child’s eligibility for admission to the program. This includes:

$100 Application Fee

Review of detailed application information

Review of all relevant records, including all previous testing and evaluations

Informal evaluation of the child through observation in one of our classrooms

Placement meeting of Westview staff to make a decision regarding the school’s ability to meet the needs of the student


No formal evaluation is completed by The Westview School prior to admission. Parents are encouraged to have a full evaluation completed by a developmental pediatrician or psychologist specializing in autism spectrum disorder. Elementary and middle school students must provide a recent psychological-educational evaluation and school records. An updated evaluation must be submitted every three years. The Stewart Center at The Westview School offers educational, diagnostic and psychological assessments with minimal wait lists and reasonable costs for comprehensive reports.

All documents, forms, and admissions materials will be supplied while touring the school.

Every child who is admitted to The Westview School must have a completed medical examination and immunization report, and children ages four and older must have vision and hearing screenings.

Children are admitted to The Westview School on a six-week trial basis. Some children have emotional, behavioral, or medical needs that cannot be met in our environment. In such a case, a family will be supported in finding alternate programs that are more capable of meeting their child’s needs.

If no spaces are available in the appropriate class, the child will be placed into a wait pool and parents will be notified when there is an appropriate vacancy.