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From the Head of School

If you're reading this letter, chances are you are a prospective parent wondering if The Westview School might be a good fit for you and your child. In 1990, when I was looking for a school for my own son, I was doing the same thing you're doing: gathering as much information as possible and wondering about "fit."

When I visited Westview for the first time, I discovered a school so remarkable that I left that first visit knowing that I had found the right place. I found a school where the teachers and staff understand the needs of this population of children. I found students and their faculty pursuing learning as shared effort between teachers, therapists, parents and students. I soon discovered that this unique approach to education was the cornerstone to Westview's educational philosophy and the vision of our founder, Jane Stewart, in 1981. I found a casual, friendly atmosphere permeating the Westview community, a school dedicated to fostering collaboration between students, families, therapists and teachers, and replacing formality with a sense of “we're in this together, and together we can lead these children to succeed and thrive.”

That was 26 years ago, and over the years I've come to fully appreciate how Westview has created an optimal atmosphere for the specialized learning styles of our students. Westview students do not fit a mold and are not expected to. Through specialized evaluation and attention they are taught to express themselves and to strive for their own personal excellence, both academically and socially.

Westview is crafted to be intentionally small. With an enrollment of approximately 150 students and low student-to-teacher ratios, our intimately-scaled learning environment fosters quality communication between our parents, teachers, therapists and students. Our entire staff really gets to know the students as individuals and really understand their strengths and their needs. 

The spirit of The Westview School is difficult to capture in a letter or on a website. So, I would encourage you to do what I did years ago: come visit us and learn about Westview firsthand. Visit our campus, talk with our current parents, meet our admissions staff and discover what I discovered many years ago: The Westview School is a special place, indeed.


Donna Marshall, Head of School

Mr. Russell Avery

Upper School Principal

Mr. Avery has been with The Westview School since 2008. Before joining the Westview team, he worked several years as a special education teacher and an assistant principal in the public school system. He earned a Master's degree in educational administration from The University of St. Thomas and currently holds certification in the areas of special education, principal and superintendent. 

Dr. Carol Harrison

Lower School Principal

Dr. Harrison brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Westview School following an extensive career as an educator and administrator. She served as an elementary school principal and special education administrator for 25 years in the public school system and later taught as a professor at Steven F. Austin University. She holds a Doctorate degree in education.

  Name Title
Kristi Anders Anders, Kristi Teacher's Assistant
Cereyda (Juliana) Arce-Rizzo Arce-Rizzo, Cereyda (Juliana) Teacher's Assistant
Dani Aschman Aschman, Dani Teacher
Russell Avery Avery, Russell 1830 Principal
Bunny Bennett Bennett, Bunny Teacher
Brooke Benson Benson, Brooke Teacher
Kelli Blake Blake, Kelli IT
Nancy (Beth) Bogaert Bogaert, Nancy (Beth) Teacher
Kaylee Bond Bond, Kaylee Teacher
Gena Brown Brown, Gena Teacher
Oralia Burks Burks, Oralia Teacher's Assistant
Emily Cano Cano, Emily Teacher
Pilar Carrigan Carrigan, Pilar Teacher's Assistant
Jacqueline Casper Casper, Jacqueline Speech Therapist
Tapashi Chakrabarti Chakrabarti, Tapashi Teacher's Assistant
Michelle Chapa Chapa, Michelle Administrative Assistant
Emily (Emma) Christopherson Christopherson, Emily (Emma) Teacher
WiIliam Clark Clark, WiIliam Teacher
Megan Coleman Coleman, Megan Teacher's Assistant
Abby Cook Cook, Abby Occupational Therapist
Brittany Davis Davis, Brittany Teacher's Assistant
Jared Dawkins Dawkins, Jared Teacher
Maria Garcia Garcia, Maria Teacher's Assistant
Paraskevi Georgalos Georgalos, Paraskevi Clinic Coordinator
Elizabeth Glasgow Glasgow, Elizabeth Teacher
Elissa Green Green, Elissa Teacher
Julie Gulliford Gulliford, Julie Teacher
Andres Gutierrez Gutierrez, Andres Teacher's Assistant
Felicia Hammonds Hammonds, Felicia Teacher
Marian Hanvy Hanvy, Marian Business Manager
Adrea Harris Harris, Adrea Communications
Carol Harrison Harrison, Carol Principal
Karina Heggeness Heggeness, Karina Teacher
Helga Hood Hood, Helga Teacher's Assistant
Sheryl Hussey Hussey, Sheryl Teacher
Rita Hutson Hutson, Rita Teacher's Assistant
Tiffany Indiero Indiero, Tiffany Speech Therapist
Crystal Irvin Irvin, Crystal Teacher
Amber Johar Johar, Amber Teacher's Assistant
Hillery Jones Jones, Hillery Teacher
Penelope Khuri Khuri, Penelope Marketing
Melanie King King, Melanie Assistant to Head of School
Ankita Krishnan Krishnan, Ankita Psychology Intern
Mimi Le Le, Mimi Student and Staff Support Specialist
Claudia LeBlanc LeBlanc, Claudia
Jonni Lisy Lisy, Jonni Teacher
Ally Loewen Loewen, Ally Teacher
Angela Loftin Loftin, Angela Teacher's Assistant
Nathaniel Lyon Lyon, Nathaniel
Ryan Malik Malik, Ryan
Donna Marshall Marshall, Donna Head of School
Becky Mattis Mattis, Becky Admissions Director
Michelle McCann McCann, Michelle Teacher's Assistant
Michael McKee McKee, Michael Student and Staff Support Specialist
Sarah Minns Minns, Sarah Teacher
Melinda Mogas Mogas, Melinda Occupational Therapist
Ken Montfort Montfort, Ken
Natalie Montfort Montfort, Natalie Clinical Psychologist/Director
John Moring Moring, John Development Director
Mike Morris Morris, Mike Teacher
Lauren Novotny Novotny, Lauren Teacher's Assistant
Ali O'Donnell O'Donnell, Ali Speech Pathologist
Rachael Oehlke Oehlke, Rachael Teacher
Trevalyn (Trevie) Pearlman Pearlman, Trevalyn (Trevie) Teacher's Assistant
Natalie Peters Peters, Natalie Teacher
Candi Pettit Pettit, Candi Administrative Assistant
Caelyn Pho Pho, Caelyn Teacher's Assistant
Ashly Pipes Pipes, Ashly Teacher's Assistant
Liza Reyes Reyes, Liza Teacher's Assistant
Rocio Rizzo Rizzo, Rocio Teacher's Assistant
Diahnn Sanchez Sanchez, Diahnn Teacher's Assistant
Michelle Schwedland Schwedland, Michelle Teacher's Assistant
Cody Sciba Sciba, Cody Teacher
Karen (Elisabeth) Shults Shults, Karen (Elisabeth) Teacher
Kelly Simmons Simmons, Kelly Teacher
Kori Spurgers Spurgers, Kori Teacher's Assistant
Kristie Sutton Sutton, Kristie Teacher's Assistant
Teresa Taeger Taeger, Teresa Librarian
Jean Therriault Therriault, Jean Teacher's Assistant
Emilee Valler Gorfien Valler Gorfien, Emilee Psychology Intern
Julie Walker Walker, Julie Teacher
Amanda Warley Warley, Amanda Teacher
Jolaine Zuccala Zuccala, Jolaine Teacher's Assistant