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Dr. Bevan Koch
Head of School

Dr. Koch comes to Westview from Sewickley Academy in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, where she served in increasing positions of responsibility since 2013. She has both a Masters Degree in Special Education and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Sam Houston State University, as well as a B.S. in Mathematics Education from McNeese State University. 

Dr. Laura Casper-Teague

Upper School Principal

Dr. Casper-Teague holds a master’s degree in education from Michigan State University where she also received a B.S. in Special Education. She has a Doctorate in Professional Leadership from University of Houston and been a resident of Texas for the past 14 years working in Clear Creek ISD as an Instructional Supervisor and Assistant Principal and most recently, serving as Principal at Spring Creek Elementary School in College Station, Texas. She brings to The Westview School extensive experience in special education and a transformative leadership style that focuses on growth and development through collaboration and perseverance.

Dr. Carol Harrison

Lower School Principal

Dr. Harrison brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Westview School following an extensive career as an educator and administrator. She served as an elementary school principal and special education administrator for 25 years in the public school system and later taught as a professor at Steven F. Austin University. She holds a Doctorate degree in education.

  Name Title
Nelson Armstrong Armstrong, Nelson Teacher
Theresa Bautista Bautista, Theresa Occupational Therapist
Jenny Bennett Bennett, Jenny Instructional Assistant
Kaylee Bond Bond, Kaylee Teacher
Gena Brown Brown, Gena Teacher
Jermaine Buford Buford, Jermaine Instructional Assistant
Oralia Burks Burks, Oralia Teacher's Assistant
Jessica Campos Campos, Jessica Retail associate
Laura Casper-Teague Casper-Teague, Laura Principal
Michelle Chapa Chapa, Michelle Administrative Assistant
Sarah Chauvin Chauvin, Sarah Director of Communications
Kenneth Choo Choo, Kenneth Teacher
Elisabeth Dawkins Dawkins, Elisabeth Play Therapist
Jared Dawkins Dawkins, Jared Teacher
Brooke Gagliardi Gagliardi, Brooke Nurse
Maria Garcia Garcia, Maria Teacher's Assistant
Breanne Gates Gates, Breanne Instructional Assistant
Serena Gaylor Gaylor, Serena Teacher
Deidre Goodhue Goodhue, Deidre Teacher
Jessica Guerra Guerra, Jessica Support Specialist
Julie Gulliford Gulliford, Julie Teacher
Jackie Hampton Hampton, Jackie Teacher
Chanmatty Harilall Harilall, Chanmatty Teacher
Carol Harrison Harrison, Carol Principal
Katie Hazeldine Hazeldine, Katie Teacher
Crystal Hibbert Hibbert, Crystal Instructional Assistant
Helga Hood Hood, Helga Instructional Assistant
Crystal Irvin Irvin, Crystal Teacher
Lorena Johnson Johnson, Lorena Instructional Assistant
Kashif Khan Khan, Kashif Teacher
Bevan Koch Koch, Bevan Head of School
Carlie Krueger Krueger, Carlie Speech Pathologist
Mimi Le Le, Mimi Marriage and Family Therapist
Claudia LeBlanc LeBlanc, Claudia Business Manager
Ally Loewen Loewen, Ally Teacher
Angela Loftin Loftin, Angela Instructional Assistant
Nathaniel Lyon Lyon, Nathaniel Assistant Facilities Manager
Michael McKee McKee, Michael Support Specialist
Rachel Patronella Patronella, Rachel Teacher
Natalie Peters Peters, Natalie Teacher
Candi Pettit Pettit, Candi Administrative Assistant
Caelyn Pho Pho, Caelyn Instructional Assistant
Malcolm Pringle Pringle, Malcolm Instructional Assistant
Gina Rafferty Rafferty, Gina Technology Coordinator / Support Specialist
Daisy Ramirez Ramirez, Daisy Instructional Assistant
Christine Reilly Reilly, Christine Teacher
Liza Reyes Reyes, Liza Teacher
Noemi Rodriguez Rodriguez, Noemi Instructional Assistant
Whitley Sanchez Sanchez, Whitley Teacher
Loren Stastny Stastny, Loren Speech Pathologist
Trevalyn (Trevie) Stone Stone, Trevalyn (Trevie) Teacher
Teresa Taeger Taeger, Teresa Librarian
Cristina Tello Tello, Cristina Instructional Assistant
Miriam Townsend Townsend, Miriam Instructional Assistant
Becky Travis Travis, Becky Admissions Director
Robert Velazquez Velazquez, Robert Director of Facilities
Amanda Warley Warley, Amanda Teacher
Kyra Wicker Wicker, Kyra Instructional Assistant
Jolaine Zuccala Zuccala, Jolaine Admissions Assistant