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When people visit our campus, we always hear, "Westview feels like home." From the day Jane Stewart opened Westview in her own home, we have strived to maintain a welcoming, family-friendly environment where everyone feels at home. 

"Westview feels like home."

Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities

Westview offers many clubs and extra-curricular activities for our students. Favorites include Magic the Gathering Club; various sports clubs such as Soccer and Tennis; Karate; Dance; and Gymnastics. Westview also charters a Scout Troop and offers a Girl's Club. Most clubs are led by staff volunteers, while Karate, Dance and Gymnastics are hosted by outside vendors who have experience working with children on the spectrum.

We also offer therapeutic groups, such as Lego Group and PAWS (Partnering Animals with Success) through The Stewart Center. Click here to learn more about these offerings. 

Ancillary Classes and Enrichment

Science, Art, Music, P.E./Motor, Technology, Drama, and Library are important parts of the curriculum at Westview. Our specialized teachers and staff use innovative ways to spark imagination and creativity, fuel physical activity, and provide outlets for personal expression.