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When people visit our campus, we always hear, "Westview feels like home." From the day Jane Stewart opened Westview in her own home, we have strived to maintain a welcoming, family-friendly environment where everyone feels at home.

"Westview feels like home."

Ancillary Classes and Enrichment

Science, Art, Music, P.E./Motor, Technology, Drama, and Library are important parts of the curriculum at Westview. Our specialized teachers and staff use innovative ways to spark imagination and creativity, fuel physical activity, and provide outlets for personal expression. 

Field Trips

Field trips are an important part of the Westview curriculum. These experiences offer both academic and practical opportunities. Students have the opportunity to practice social and life skills with outings such as museum visits and cultural events.

Hang-Outs & Socials

Our Middle School students participate in after-hours "Hangouts" twice per school year. These social events are complete with pizza, movies, games, and karaoke. Additionally, evening socials for Middle School students are hosted twice per year where students from the nearby Grace School come to our gym for evenings filled with music, dancing, snacks, and photos.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Outside providers offer extra-curricular activities for students in Kindergarten through Middle School that are scheduled in the afternoons throughout the week. Specific offerings and times vary from year to year but past activities have included karate, yoga, coding, chess, and Scouts. Activities are based on the level and age of the child.

Special Events

At Westview, all holidays and events are a celebration! Our parent organization, People of Westview, coordinates activities throughout the year, including Trunk-or-Treat, Family Fun Day, and more. The school also sponsors events such as a holiday play, drama performance, spelling bee, and talent show throughout the school year.

Summer Camp

Just say "NO!" to a boring summer! Our summer camp is packed with fun activities that allow students to continue to practice the social and academic skills that are learned throughout the school year. There's even water play each week! Summer camp sessions are held for three weeks in June and three weeks in July. Tutoring, academic clinics, a full range of therapies, and more are available on campus during this time for an additional fee.