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The Westview School uses state-aligned curriculum that is designed to challenge students while meeting their individual needs. If required, modifications to the curriculum can be made to accommodate a child's learning style. Small class sizes allow for personalized instruction, and our focus is on discovering how each student learns in order to maximize their educational experience and accomplishments.

The Westview School's program is comprised of two main components: academics and social communication/social skills.


We offer a well-rounded curriculum that includes a full range of academic programs. These may be modified, if needed, to accommodate individual students’ needs. While we believe that children should be challenged with high expectations, we also believe that goals should be reasonable and achievable based on individual student strengths and abilities.


The other core component of our program includes social communication and social skills. We focus on language and communication, social relatedness, and the development of independence so that our students are equipped with the skills they need to navigate the social world in which we live successfully. Formal social skills instruction in Early Childhood and Pre-K classes is play-based. Teachers in Kindergarten through Middle School incorporate formal social skills instruction into designated social skills times in their schedules using the Fly Five Social Emotional Learning Curriculum. In addition to formal social skills instruction, our teachers work with students to generalize the social skills they are learning in class by facilitating interactions throughout the day.