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We are often asked, "What type of student is a fit at your school?" While there is no one-size-fits-all description, our students are typically those who have average to above-average intelligence but struggle with social skills and social communication. Because Westview is a school first, the ability to participate and make progress in an academic curriculum is important.  We refer children with severe emotional and behavioral issues to programs with a more therapeutic environment.


Who are our students?

  • Students at The Westview School range in age from 2 through 15 years.
  • Our students often excel in academic areas; however, they may struggle with social interactions and social communication skills.
  • Students are appropriately challenged and supported as they engage with a curriculum that is aligned to state standards.
  • Classes are kept appropriately small, usually ranging from five to eight students. Early Childhood through Elementary classes are staffed with a teacher and a full-time assistant. Middle School classes are staffed with one lead teacher and a team of assistants who rotate based on need. This intentionally low ratio throughout our program allows instruction to be modified as necessary to meet individual students’ needs.