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How to Set Up Your Work from Home/School Environment

March 23, 2020
By Mimi Le
Many families are working and learning at home right now. Here are some tips to help maintain a positive work/school environment when everyone is at home during this time! Keep in mind that the “environment” that we are talking about involves not only the physical space and setup, but also our perceived overall emotional state. 
A successful transfer for having school at home will need the following elements:
  • Set up a school space at home that is away from distractions such as the television or loud noises. This space should have an area where students can read, write, and do activities. Also, make sure electrical outlets are available for devices and school supplies if needed. 
  • Keep a positive outlook, and incorporate fun! This time of learning should be more positive than negative. We want to motivate and encourage our kids by keeping it light and entertaining.
  • Our students will need to be able to rely on a stable emotional state from parents and their schedule for the day. Remember to remain focused on keeping an established routine at home.
  • Parents should provide support which will come in the form of guidance only as needed to overcome obstacles. We understand that you have your own work and responsibilities to take care of during this time.
  • Try to maintain cohesiveness between parents and teachers. Follow through with your teachers’ suggestions and guidance during and after e-learning takes place. This will show your children that we are all on the same page, and we all hold the same level of expectations. 
  • The work and expectations you have for your children must remain challenging enough in order to be engaging.
  • Set clear expectations and specify the purpose of every task as you follow the schedule for each day.

We understand the stresses for both parents and students during this unique time. Therefore, we will be providing scheduled times in the form of an open digital forum for Westview parents and students separately each day with our Student and Staff Support Specialists. Of course, you do not have to specifically wait for these times to ask questions. You may also email Michael and/or Mimi at any time for any questions or concerns. If you need more structured support, please contact our therapists at The Stewart Center.

Sheryl Kathryn Hussey says:
April 06, 2020 12:24 PM CST

Thanks for the valuable information. Appreciate you!