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Tutoring is offered throughout the school year, as well as during the summer months to maintain the skills students learn throughout the school year and "catch up" for the next school year if needed. Tutoring takes place is a fun, relazed enviroment with highly-qualified teachers.


Summer Tutoring

Tutoring will be on a 1:1 basis. Small groups are also available based on the amount of people who sign up. Tutoring can be added before, during or after camp, academic enrichment or clinics if applicable, assuming it fits with the tutor’s schedule.

Who – Those entering Kindergarten to Middle School
When – Monday -Friday, times to be arranged with individual tutors
1 hour: $65
½ hour: $45
Small group tutoring 1 hour: $45
Small group tutoring ½ hour: $35
Please inquire with Ms. Brooke Benson for a list of available tutors:

Summer Tutoring Registration